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we are...

A Youth Center...

committed to creating a safe place for young people.

Our mission is to demonstrate love to the youth of our community through academic, social and spiritual activities.


Our hope is to help students live healthy lives by providing a place to ask questions, have fun, excel in school and connect with others.  


“The Gate is a wonderful place, for teens to meet up & have fun. The people that run it are very kind & open. Wonderful place for teens to decompress. You always have a friend, in The Gate."

“The Gate is, by far, my favorite hangout place. Extremely welcoming and cozy environment. It's only $1 for a cup? And they do pour overs?? The baristas are also great to hang around and chat with!"

Eurasia Coffee & Tea 


Eurasia Coffee & Tea was founded in 2010 to bring awareness and give back to the many social justice causes/non-profit organizations working in Eurasia. To serve direct trade, ethically sourced coffee with a purpose.



We give back 10% of our sales to social justice needs & projects in 44+ countries and territories in Eurasia. These projects fall under the following categories:

freedom from human trafficking, 

life for those suffering through disease,

future through education, and

victory over extreme poverty.


Each month we highlight what we call “our common cause” – causes we believe we all should be fighting for. 



Eurasia Coffee & Tea roasts only ethically sourced, direct-trade beans. 

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